Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013: Reflections and Resolutions

My hokey post, as promised.  In lists of 10  

Best of 2012 (in no particular order)
  1.   Got a new baby niece
  2.  Goldilocks' heart condition has remained unchanged.  (Aeortic Stenosis)
  3. The upgrades on the house are coming along, slowly but surely.
  4. Gained a new puppy, Milly.  
  5. Had a terrific family vacation at Holden Beach.
  6. Good health insurance coverage.
  7. Got to spend lots of time with my family. 
  8. Finally got registered to vote in this state.
  9. Got rid of a useless, yet painful gallbladder
  10. Joined a gym (and have attended many Zumba classes.)       
Worst of 2012 (also in no particular order)
  1.   Goldilocks had a few minor health scares (unrelated to her heart)
  2. Medical bills.... ble
  3. Kinta, our 11 year old  Australian Cattle Dog passed away.
  4. Our family cat, Osiris disappeared.  He'd been with us for almost 14 years.  
  5. My grandfather, the only grandparent who was ever really a part of my life, became very ill and passed away.  
  6. Irritating and sometimes offensive political posts on Facebook.
  7. A great deal of struggling with organization.
  8. Raccoon killed most of our chickens.
  9. Fell off the gym/healthy eating bandwagon after gallbladder surgery.
  10. PS3 finally died.  (So thankful I couldn't really come up with something to put here)
  1. Take vitamins daily.
  2. Get to the gym more often (I don't care if it's cliche). 
  3. Work on the land or house at least once per week. 
  4. Weekly Meal plans.
  5. Review my schedule each day to be sure I don't miss important appointments. 
  6. Spend more time at the library.
  7. Get back on budget and keep to it! 
  8.  Start taking classes online.
  9. Learn to a new craft or skill. 
  10. Family night once a week.   

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